App Services Admin APIs are behaving inconsistent


While deploying our application - Cosmocloud, we try to automate enabling Data APIs on MongoDB App Services. This was working till yesterday but since today, we are seeing a weird behaviour that even when the APIs are being returned successfully, the actual action is not being reflected.

To do this, we call the App Services Admin API one after the other -

If any one API call fails, the flow fails – Now when we have a success flow (all APIs give success API calls), 50% time we can successfully connect to Data APIs with the API Key created, and rest 50% time it fails because -

  • Sometimes the Data APIs are not enabled
  • Sometimes the default rule is not created
  • etc.

When APIs are giving 200/2xx success responses, why is it that MongoDB App Services does not reflect the action? It works if we again hit the same API, sometimes 2 to 3 successful tries on the same API shows the action as completed.

This should be raised in the MongoDB Atlas Support Portal with relevant App Services - App details. The availability issues are often specific to a region or data center rather than global. The investigation should be specific to the App.

Will raise it there but the issue is that this script runs in every different user’s atlas account, so it is not for just one app or one account.
Sure, will reach out to support as well.