App is not running after configure what was asked

Hello There,
I am learning Mongo DB in python.
I have followed the given instruction in chapter 0, but I am getting a particular error while running the app. also made sure that the package is installed.
Attaching the screenshot of what I was doing.

Please help me to set it up so I can study further while getting an hands on experience and make most out of this course.

I suspect you are missing one of the step but I am not sure which one.

Your prompt is supposed to start with (mflix) when you activate the mflix virtual environment yet yours still show (base).

Hi @Prakhar_Gupta - welcome to the forums,

Have you managed to activate your mflix virtual environment and did this resolve the issue you are encountering?

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I did try to create a virtual environment using Anaconda Navigator, then started my Spyder IDE and still it wasn’t working. Do I need to use Anaconda Terminal to create this virtual environment? Will doing so enable me to use my Spyder IDE for mflix App?

Hi @Prakhar_Gupta

You will need to use the same environment to ensure that the Python Path and Python Environment are correctly picked up by your IDE. We don’t recommend any specific IDE but if you want to use an IDE you will need to ensure it can be configured to pick up all of these specifics as well as the virtual environment with its installed libraries.

I’m unfamiliar with the Spyder IDE so my suggestion is that if you haven’t been successful in configuring this to pick up the necessary settings, that you revert to the command line or Anaconda Terminal for this course.

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