App is crashing, lol

Most likely, your configuration file is wrong.

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yooh, solved Thanks !

Yooh what about this ?

most likely wrong username or password

So frustrating, Isn’t it?

here it is:

Do not truncate screenshot. We are missing some context. Please share your configuration file.

Here it is, The configuration file :

Here in the terminal:

You have 2 entries for MFLIX_NS. That might be the reason.

What’s the name of the configuration file?

When sharing things like configuration file, it is better if you provide a text file that people can cut-n-paste to test the connection.

lollllllllllllllllll.txt (328 Bytes)

Here is the configuration file.

The screenshot of the terminal:

running into the same problem over and over again !

PLease reply :slight_smile:

The requirements were for a different name. make sure you file is named as requested.