Anyone using Mongo 3.6.17 in CentOS 8 Environment without any issues?

Hi Experts,

If any of you using “Mongo 3.6.17 in CentOS 8 Environment” in your projects and not facing any issues ?

Please confirm.


Hi @Kiran_Pamula, we are so glad to have you here in our community.
For a better understanding of the issue you are facing, it would be really great if you can provide us some screenshots/error-messages along with the steps to reproduce the same.

In case of any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer.

Hi Sourabh,

Thanks for your response.

Sometime back we upgraded CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 in our product, as part of which we had to upgrade from mongoDB 3.6.9 to 3.6.17.

Post this we are experiencing frequent issues where in after 1-2 days of system run, the mongo secondary members are
starting to lag far behind the primary and we have to manually stop the service, followed by deleting the db path and
then restart to recover the members. So far we have found this is affects only secondary members.

As mentioned, we currently use mongodb(3.6.17) in our environment and some of our operations involves opening and closing connections.
However we already verified that the connections are closed from mongo side but the system keeps holding those connections.
This is leading to high number of files being opened by mongo which we can see in our lsof command and because of this,
our server is crashing and our mongo goes into recovery state. Kindly check and let us know why this is happening in our environment

Attached SOSreport from the affected systems for reference.

Also when issue is hit below errors are found:
2021-02-24T22:50:04.692+0000 I - [listener] pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
2021-02-24T22:50:04.692+0000 W EXECUTOR [conn480782] Terminating session due to error: InternalError: failed to create service entry worker thread
2021-02-24T22:50:05.589+0000 I - [listener] pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
2021-02-24T22:50:05.589+0000 W EXECUTOR [conn480783] Terminating session due to error: InternalError: failed to create service entry worker thread

We are manually recovering our mongo replica set but after some time it is again facing the same issue and going into recovery mode.

One more observation is we are noticing this issue only with CentOS 8, and when we try to use the same MongoDB Version 3.6.17 in CentOS 7,
there were no such issues reported.