Anyone taken 2 courses online at same time?

Curious if anyone has taken 2 or more of the online courses at the same time? I am considering taking a 100 level course the same time I am taking a 300 level, advanced course.
1st, I suppose, is this even possible… I haven’t attempted yet to register the 2nd class, but wondered if the online - web interfac1e allows for it?
2nd, if does allow, is the timeline allotted different, or does each class still have the same date completion dates, no matter?
Appreciate any insight from those who maybe experienced 2 or more classes at the same time
Thank you in advance
Tom G

Definitely it is possible. And it will have the same start and end dates as per course description.
But in my experience, I found focusing on one course at a time and dividing my time based on the interest and course content.