Any plan to support Reaml Sync in your Web SDK

Any plan to support Reaml Sync in your Web SDK?
If yes, how soon?

Thanks a lot for the great work!

Hi @Gilles_Yvetot we are in the process of researching how this might work. Do mind providing your use-case for how sync with the web SDK would be valuable for you?

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@Sumedha_Mehta1 thanks for the quick reply.

I have a very specific use case where I have an electron app and a web extension that needs to be kept in sync.

But I have seen some more classic use cases in my previous job where we were using Firebase to update forms in real time for collaboration. Like a very very simple google doc.

Hi everybody,

@Sumedha_Mehta1 , I’m interested in having sync enabled in Web SDK because we are developing a collaborative platform using react-native for the mobile part (iOS and Android) and Angular as web front-end application.

It would be nice if both app and web-app where able to use the same sync logic.

Are there any updates on this possibility since the original date of this post?

Hi All,

Device Sync for the WEB SDK is now available as a preview feature!