Any current books on this version of the MongoDB Java API?

I took this course about three years ago and a lot has changed. I could really use a good book that talks about this version of the API. The examples I have been able to find on this site are too short or don’t exist.
Most of the examples and tutorial online are dated. In most cases, the course material isn’t provided in the chapter videos before the tickets requiring an understanding of the topic are assigned. We really need supplemental material besides the API and Reference Links. Someone has to have written a book.

Hi @CCrum,

It is true that we’ve just released a new java driver version (14 days ago) but it is far from affecting the content material in terms of dated API since this course material is using 3.9 and the API has not changed that much between 3.9 and 4.0, in what the topics covered in the course are concerned.

All of the course lectures material provided to you in the handouts. All of the examples / labs and resources needed to take the course are packaged for you.
What resources are you not finding ?

No question that a book, exploring even more the usage of the mongodb-java driver would be handy, but I’m we do not have one at the moment that I feel would help you for this course.

Can you be a bit more specific in what you are looking for, with concrete examples of what was not provided ?


The course material just seemed to be out of sync; they would talk about topic a, ask you to implement solution b, then tell you how to solve topic b in the following section.

It also really does not help to understand the APIs by always showing you how to do it at (2) different API levels and then expecting you to only implement it in a specific level.

My greatest challenge has been to make both the broken web/javascript demo page ( localhost:5000 as opposed to localhost:5000/status as the lecture material says to use ) work, along side the inconsistent and incomplete unit tests. The only way to get it all to work is to crawl through the really old forum comments, and just keep trying things until you stumble onto the some secrete combination.