Another Beginner with a connection issue

Hello, I’m also having difficulties connecting to the IDE in the course. I can connect to my cluster via Atlas, I can connect to it via Compass, installed on my Ubuntu laptop, I just cannot connect to it via the IDE. I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04.
I created my database before I found out about University so my Database is named LearningMongo…
I’ve tried LearningMongo, MyFirstDatabase, test, and finally after reading the FAQ, admin… I keep getting connection closed.
user@M001# mongosh “mongodb+srv://” --username romandog
Enter password: ****************
Current sessionID: 6347695e35208cc0b19c1dac
Connecting to: mongodb+srv://
connection to closed

Any help would be appreciated… I’d really like to do these labs where I can get credit for doing them.
Thanks in advance,

I figured it out… I needed to change the network settings to allow connection from anywhere…

Funny how it works like a champ now… :wink:


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