Announcing Online Archive beta - A new data tiering option for Atlas clusters

I’m happy to announce Online Archive for MongoDB Atlas in beta is now available. Online Archive takes a new approach to your data by allowing you to tier it across Atlas clusters and cloud object stores while maintaining query-ability. This new capability allows new use cases that were previously cost-prohibitive to be brought onto MongoDB Atlas, our first-class managed offering, with little effort.

With Online Archive, you can define a simple rule for archiving data off of a cluster, pick specific fields you query most frequently, and then sit back. Atlas will automatically move data off of your cluster and into a more cost-effective storage layer that can still be queried with a connection string that combines cluster and archive data, powered by Atlas Data Lake.

Online Archive is a good fit for many different use cases, including:

  • Insert-only workloads, where data is immutable and has lower performance requirements the older it gets
  • Historical log keeping
  • Time-series datasets
  • Storing data that would have been deleted using TTL indexes

Take a look at the blog to learn how to use this new feature or you can read about it in our docs here.

If you have any suggestions for the feature we’d love to hear about them through our feedback portal.