Alternatives to OpsManager for MongoDB


Can anyone suggest the tools that can be used as replacement for OpsManager if I intend to stay with Community Edition and can’t afford an Enterprise license for MongoDB? I need the below features and so far I have come across 2 companies (Percona & ClusterControl by SeveralNines) that offer all these features that work with Community Edition of MongoDB. I am looking for more options so that I can compare them and pick the best one. Please suggest if you know of any third party tools that make this possible.

Backup Management
Encrypted backups
Security auditing (such as login failues, data changes etc)
Encryption at rest

when your business needs reach the need of the above tools than you might be at the point to think about spending money for a professional service. I am NOT an MongoDB employee, just as an independent consultant I have seen some setups like yours. There are tools which cover parts of your needs. My personal opinion is that you will have a constant flow of re-configuring and and fiddling around when you use a zoo of tools. It is a trade off on comfort/reliability and time spending/money saving – at the bottom line this is your personal decision if you want to handle the one or the other.

In terms of Monitoring, I recently came across the TICK stack. It cost you 30 min or less to get that all up and running, you will need to configure a plugin, don’t search for a download - it is build in, only uncomment and adj́ust the needed lines in the telegraf.conf file.
However, this is not a full replacement for the MDB monitoring tools. As long as you do not have enterprise needs that might fill the gap.



Is there any reason you can’t use MongoDB Atlas? Full management and relatively minor costs at the low end. You can pause and resume clusters via the API if you want to reduce your costs further.

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@michael_hoeller Thank you for your advise. I know that there are good monitoring tools out there, but I am specifically looking for backup management & security auditing. Are there any third party tools that will help me accomplish this?

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@Joe_Drumgoole - I can’t go with MongoDB Atlas because all our dbs should be on prem, and cloud is not an option.

MongoDB Atlas has pretty poor options when it comes to hosting providers and performance options (especially IOPS!!). It’s also not a good option for non-commercial users that need to run demanding projects (such as university students or independent developers that aren’t making a profit). Mongo Atlas needs to have an option to bring your own servers.

Hi Casey,

Which hosting providers are we missing? We are always interested in discovering gaps in our offering. Atlas isn’t the only hosting option, you can also use Digital Ocean for instance.

Can you be more specific about where we have a shortfall in IOPS?

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