Alternative To Compass' Class Supplied MongoDB

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Is there a Vagrant VM that could be used for this course? The port required is blocked and I don’t believe I will have access before the labs are due. Is there an alternative to finish the course, such as a Vagrant set-up to download?


Hi JustLearningMongoDB,

You can use Vagrant VM for most of the labs. You can connect to our Atlas cluster from your VM.

All the labs queries can be done using mongo shell but I am not sure if you can complete your Lab 1.7 using Mongo Shell only.

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Thank you.

Where can I find the class data to import into my local instance of MongoDB?

As I previously mentioned, that data is provided through our own cluster ie. Use this command from your terminal after downloading mongo:

$ mongo “mongodb://,,” --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username m001-student --password m001-mongodb-basics

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Hi, sorry about any confusion. I was looking to import the dataset for use in a non-networked environment. Meaning, I cannot connect to your cluster. In a previous courses, there was handouts that included the data that could be imported locally off-line.


Hi JustLearningMongoDB,

Let me check with the team and give you a follow up!



Quick Update. I found some data from about a year ago here: Although I am not sure if the data is exactly the same, I figured it was worth a shot.

The data failed several times to load, I upped my memory on the VM and it stilled failed. I tried 2-3 times more and it finally worked on my last try. Nothing changed between trying again (it kept giving EOF errors).

Hope this helps!

Hi JustLearningMongoDB,

It is 1 year ago and most likely just results db.

I am in the middle of providing you the data. Will take some time :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kanika

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Hi JustLearningMongoDB,

Thanks for waiting!

Here is the dataset that you can import in your mongo shell.

For importing, unzip the main dump file and then from that directory, use mongorestore command. Like, I will run mongorestore from the Downloads directory if my dump folder is in Downloads/dump. [/Users/kanika/Downloads/dump]

One example of mongorestore is:

/Users/kanika/Downloads:~$ mongorestore --host <REPLICA SET>/<SEED LIST> --ssl --username <USERNAME> --password <PASSWORD> --authenticationDatabase <AUTHENTICATION DATABASE> --gzip

–gzip is important as the dumps are compressed.
REPLICA SET is Replica Set Name like ‘Cluster0-shard-0’
SEED LIST is hostname for all your 3 nodes like “,,

Here is link for mongorestore documentation.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks, Kanika


Thank you very much!

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