Aggregation Pipeline Usage in Visual Studio

I am new to MongoDB and I am currently trying to develop an E-Commerce application that uses MongoDB as the database… I have taken the Aggregation class which uses Visual Studio Code…

I am now in Visual Studio 2019 and am trying to find information on how to use the aggregation pipeline in Async programming techniques…

Currently I can not find any reference on how to capitalize on an aggregation pipeline…

for example… How would I use the below line to call an aggregation pipeline?

var existingProduct = await _productCollection.FindOneAndReplaceAsync<Product>(p => p.Id == product.Id, product, options, cancellationToken).ConfigureAwait(false);


It might be worth you having a look at the developers course, for your preferred language. Which if you are familiar say with Javascript/python etc, it would give you examples to base your code on.

Of course you may have already looked at that.

Yea… Thanks… I already took the course for .Net development… While it is a good course, it can only cover so much.

The real problem is that there is limited documentation or explanations for the aggregation pipeline in Visual Studio… The only reference is how to use it in VS Code… I have yet to see how to interface that with the Visual Studio 2019 suite.


I only use VSC, so would my limited experience wouldn’t help.

My apologies.