Aggregation Framework is Frustrating

Who is speaking? 80% of the words do not get out of his mouth!!
what is he teaching?? He just keeps speaking something… nothing to relate it to the data… no explanation…
After doing such a fantastic lecture in the basics, this is horror… Quitting it… noway I can follow this one… Please replace this course…

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That is why they supplied a transcript. My mother tongue is French and the transcript help me with this complex subject. If it was easy everybody would do computing.


I’ve just skimmed through 10 of some of the lectures in chapters 1 to 5 and in each video, the tutor uses examples that are based on collections (solarSystem, nycFacilities, movies, air_airlines, employees) which are all in the aggregations db… the default database for this course.

In addition to the transcript, you can also refer to the official documentation for every pipeline stage and operator used. There’s also this discussion board for asking questions.


Hi @Arindam_Ray_85826,

Please use transcripts and subtitles for understanding the content.

I would also like to know if there is any particular topic which you find difficult to understand?

The key to understand Aggregation is practice. I would also recommend you to go though our documentation and practice the examples. Please find the link below:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @Sonali_Mamgain,

Although this was not the best way of putting this across; which was probably said out of frustration; but I believe that @Arindam_Ray_85826 was having difficulty understanding what the main Instructor was saying in some cases. When I took this course, I also had some difficulty understanding what the main Instructor was uttering, i.e. the pronunciation of some words.

Credit to his teaching style though! :star2:

This is feedback to the Curriculum Services team and hopefully one that will be addressed in the updated version of the course?