Aggregate v find

am a little confused Lab 1; the command/statement would work as a Find statement just as well would it not? …. this is me coming in from the SQL side where an aggregate query involves grouping, sum, count etc… which this lab1 query does not… perhaps this is just warm-up / lead in - into more aggregate functionality but just thought I would ask the question as maybe there is something else I don’t see…

find({query}) is equivalent to aggregate({$match}). Like you said, this is just to get you into the swing of things. Suggest you continue to the end to come up with your own conclusions.

Fyi, for most of the labs you will need to research a few operators that were not discussed in prior lectures. This wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the labs and has been a pain-point for many, so bear that in mind.

noted - as it wasn’t explicitly stated ‘hey this part is identical to Find()’…I just wasn’t sure if there was an aspect of this I was missing from the get-go.

Towards the end of the $match lecture, it kind of did, but not elaborately enough: