Aggregate $match _id $eq $toObjectId not working

Using Compass 1.30.1, I was testing an aggregation and getting unexpected results. A $match was not working as expected. The simplified aggregation is:

  { $match: { library: 'Library1', collection: 'Collection1', media: 'Images', object: 'Image3' } }

And this gives the expected result by finding a document:

{ _id: ObjectId("61fc458b46d7874a3a97ef79"),
  library: 'Library1',
  collection: 'Collection1',
  media: 'Images',
  object: 'Image3',
  info: 'Image: 1/1/Images/Image3 Info', …

try to get the same document by _id:

  { $match: { _id: { $eq: { $toObjectId: "61fc458b46d7874a3a97ef79" } } } }

does not find a document. Why does the second $match not find a document?

I found that:

{ $match: { $expr: { $eq: [ ‘$_id’, ‘$$imageId’ ] } } }

does work ($$imageId is an ObjectId used in the non-simplified aggregate). Maybe the { $eq: ‘$value’ } format does not work in pipelines.

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Hi David,

The $eq used in find()/$match (without $expr) must specify an exact value:

You can use $eq: ObjectId("...")


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Your last post made me think that may be $toObjectId works only inside $expr. I tried

{ $match: { $expr : { $eq: [ '$_id' , { $toObjectId: "61fc458b46d7874a3a97ef79" } ] } } }

and it works.


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