After Sync from realm app, the data not stored in local properly

const config = {
      schema: [Task.schema],
      sync: {
        user: user,
        partitionValue: `true`
    console.log(config,'config'); => {
      realmRef.current = projectRealm;
      const syncTasks = projectRealm.objects("work_plan");
      let sortedTasks = syncTasks.sorted("created_on");
      console.log(sortedTasks, 'sortedTasks');
      sortedTasks.addListener(() => {

See my code, i mentioned path in config but it’s not woked
Thank You

Hi @Rohit_Dey, welcome to the community!

Could you please share some more details on what you’re expecting to happen and what’s actually happening?

Yes, thanks for the reply.
After sync from realm app, all data was listed
But i expecting that after sync complete all data will be visible in offline mode.
After turn of the internet the sync data removed and not showed.
That’s the issue i faced.

Thank You

Is this React Native?

Yes, it is react native