AES256 support in Community Edition


We are planning to deploy MongoDB Community Edition 4.0 on Azure Linux VM, is MongoDB support AES256 for database backup and Data-at-Rest?

What Data Encryption features (Data-at-rest and Data-at-transit) available in Community edition 4.0?


Hi @Dinesh_Gopinathan,

The 4.0 Community edition support SSL/TLS data encryption.

The encrypted backups and WiredTiger encryption at rest are available in the enterprise version of the product as well as other security features.

The enterprise version require a licences and I can contact you with the relevant sales representative if you want to.

MongoDB 4.2 introduced Field Level Encryption in the driver layer.

See our full security check list:

If you intend to run your instances in Azure I will strongly recommend using mongodb Atlas which have encrypted storage volumes and backups ,plus all the advantages of a managed service with best security measures (SSL, boc peering, auditing etc.)


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