Admin Api V3 verifyToken endpoint don't return invalid_session even if user session is revoked

I am trying to verify an user access and its token validity from a Flask server.

According to the documentation :

When the token is valid, I have the right response (200, expired if it is).
The issue arises when I revoke all sessions of the user, I still get a 200 status code whereas I should be receiving 401
Any idea why ?
Here is the code part :

            data = {
                “token” : sent_token
            # Endpoint to call
            endpoint = f’{api_settings[“url_base”]}groups/{group_id}/apps/{app_id}/users/verify_token’
            # Authentication
            headers = {“Authorization”: f”Bearer {admin_token}“}
            # Do fetch
            response =, headers = headers, json=data)
            #response.status_code always return 200