Adding search by user email functionality in app services app users

Howdy folks,

I’m currently using app service auth for my app, which was fine, but thankfully has no gained a bit of traction and I have almost 3k users on it. The issue I’m facing now is that a new user is unable to sign in and i’m unable to see their account to see if they are verified because they’re down near the end of the list.

Wondering if we could add a query by user email to the app services app users list which would allow me to find this user and help them get into their account.

Thanks in advance

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I second this as a feature request.

I end up Command + F searching for the email after tapping LOAD MORE a bunch of times.

It’s super frustrating when I have to do it.


I see a similar feature request here - Search Users by Email – MongoDB Feedback Engine

Feel free to upvote that request and it will be prioritized accordingly.

GitHub - EvanBurbidge/mongodb-pending-user-admin fork this and follow the instructions, I got sick of waiting

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