Adding fields to the output document of a $graphlookup

I have a collection of documents where each document contains a nested array of documents called Parents. Each of the documents in the nest array look like this:

   Id: "parent document's _id value",
   RelationshipType: "foo",
   RelationshipStatus: "active"

I want to perform a $graphlookup in order to return the chain of parents documents.

  from: 'MyCollection',
  startWith: "$Parents.Id",
  connectFromField: 'Parents.Id',
  connectToField: '_id',
  as: 'GraphParents',
  depthField: "Level"

This works fine, however, what I want to know is for each parent document that is returned in the ‘GraphParents’ result, can I do something along the lines of an $addfield so that I can extend each GraphParent document to include additional fields? Meaning, I want to grab the relationshipType and relationshipStatus from the Parent nested document (that was used to build the graph) and add those fields into the corresponding GraphParent document.

Or maybe I am thinking about how to go about doing this all wrong.

Hope that makes sense.

Please share sample documents. The following

is not enough for us to easily help you. Coming up with documents in our environment that match your description is time consuming.

Also share the current complete aggregation that you have so that we have a working starting point.

Also provide sample resulting documents so we know the exact result you want.