Add a footnote below the video: M121 -> Ch0 -> Lecture4

(M121 -> Ch0 -> Lecture: Aggregation Structure and Syntax)
In the video at the timepoint 1:30, the instructor says "$match and $project are aggregation operators". But, in fact, "$match and $project are aggregation STAGES"

Hi !

That’s interesting. I agree stages is more precise. Just adding something up…

I checked out the aggregation pipeline quick reference, and although the doc starts with this note:

For details on specific operator, including syntax and examples, click on the specific operator to go to its reference page.

None of the stages is assigned the word operator ever in the document. So I guess you’re correct on this.

Hello, @Santiago_Miranda!

Stages are one thing and operators are the other thing, due to the doc.

yep, nice one. I shouldn’t blindly collapse the index :joy: