Accessing the course material

I started watiching the Intro video for this course on my lap top. I now want to continue the class on my desk top. I can log into my account and go to this forum, however, if I try to access the course I get an error and get a blank screen. What do I do?


Hi Susan_00904,

Not sure if I follow the problem. You are unable to access the course on your different machine?

Please describe the error so that I know what exactly is wrong.

Also, if it is your home machine, I don’t think of any issue in accessing the course. But if you are using your office machine, the network might be blocking the course content. Our course videos need youtube access. Can you access it fine from your machine?

Also, try these:


If you can ping successfully, then do one thing for me, open the “Javascript Console” on your browser and just look for all the requests going in and which one fails. Here is the link to help you out on this.

Let me know!


Here is the error – it isn’t helpful. I start here:

** I then click on the Introduction and this is what I get:**

** For a split second a little screen pops up before I get this which looks to me like a screen for logging in. If I use my laptop I can get to the course videos just fine, even at work. So I am not sure what to do. I use my desk top more than my laptop.**



rom: Kanika Singla []


I finally got the issue resolved. It was a log in issue. But now I am having connection issues. This is what I get:

Hi @Susan_00904,

Thanks for the screenshots, please refer this post here.

Let me know if you still face any issues.

Note: Check you are using latest and Stable version of Compass i.e 1.16.1. And try restarting Compass. It always helps!