Access Atlas Sandbox Cluster after M001 Course Ends

I’d like to know if the Sandbox Databases will still be accessible after the M001 course ends tonight?
I’d like to come back to the M001 exercises to revise the lessons.
Thanks for your reply,

Hi Franck,

You can still access the sandbox environments after the course ends.


Thanks for your reply,
That’s great, thanks ! I’ll get back to the exercices every now and then…:wink:
I’m a Business Intelligence specialist. Would you mind if I use one of the databases for an online tutorial on how to use MongoDB data in BI scenarii? I’ll definitely refer to Mongo University and put a link to it as well as show my Certificate of Achievement…:champagne:
Just let me know if you need me to file a proper request somewhere and I’ll gladly do so…:wink:

Glad to hear you are spreading the good word of MongoDB!

Please feel free to use the cluster as you wish and best of luck with your teaching.

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