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Join your local MongoDB User Group (MUG)!

MongoDB User Groups (MUGs) bring people together to learn from and connect over their shared interest in MongoDB technologies.

What do MongoDB User Groups do?

When you join a group you meet local developers virtually or in person, discuss interesting topics, play some games, and maybe take home some amazing MongoDB swag.

These gatherings create a community of support, collaboration, and education for all who attend whether they are students or seasoned professionals.

How often do MUGs meet?

We encourage MUG leaders to maintain a sustainable cadence. Meeting at least once a quarter (every 3 months) is a great start and the minimum to be considered for an active MUG.

Ready to get started?

Start a MongoDB User Group (MUG) today!

Couldn’t find a MUG for your city or want to be a leader for the MUG in your city?

We are excited that you have landed here and are planning to be involved with a user group for your region!

What are the benefits of co-organizing a MUG?

This can be an amazing personal growth, learning, and networking opportunity for you. You will plan events, bring people in your region together, be a leader, share & learn together, and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

What are the requirements for a MUG leader (co-organizer)?

The criteria are simple: anyone who is a member of the MongoDB Community can apply to start a User Group for their city if one doesn’t exist. All participants in MongoDB Community discussions, events, and user groups are expected to follow the MongoDB Code of Conduct.

What if there is already a local MUG?

If the local MUG is meeting regularly (at least once per quarter), try reaching out to the current leaders to see if they would like help organizing, promoting, or presenting at their next event. If a MUG hasn’t met in at least the last three months, new leaders would be extra appreciated.

How many leaders should a group have?

Successful groups tend to have at least 2 or 3 leaders who can share responsibilities and keep the group active when some organizers are not available.

What support or assistance should I expect from the MongoDB Community team?

The MongoDB Community team will nurture your role as a MongoDB community leader including inviting you to our private MUG Leaders discussion group, connecting during monthly leaders sessions, providing regular 1:1 check-ins, and helping you get access to resources you need to run a successful MUG.

OK, I’m ready to apply to be a MUG leader!

:dart: Apply to be a MUG leader.

We aim to review all submissions as soon as possible, but this may take up to 7 working days.

Interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise at a MUG event?

:loudspeaker: Submit your proposal to speak at a MUG

While you’re waiting for a follow-up, please take a look at some of the community conversations and Introduce Yourself if you haven’t done so yet.