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Discussions about developing applications with MongoDB Atlas App Services and Realm, including Realm SDKs, Atlas Device Sync, Atlas Data API, Atlas GraphQL API, and Atlas Triggers.

For discussion of Realm SDKs (Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, and .NET), mobile database development, and the Realm Studio developer tool please visit the Realm SDKs subcategory.

MongoDB Realm

Build best in-class-apps across Android, iOS, and web with MongoDB’s Realm’s intuitive app development services. Use our mobile database, sync solution, and services to get your features in the hands of users faster, knowing that the technical best practices you need are already built-in.

Realm Sync

Realm Sync is the out-of-the-box data synchronization service that keeps data in-sync between devices, users, and your backend, all in real-time.Use Sync to backup user data, build collaborative features, and keep data up to date whenever devices are online - without worrying about conflict resolution or networking code. Powered by the Realm Mobile Database on the client-side and MongoDB Atlas on the backend, Realm is optimized for offline use and scales with you.

Application Development Services

Accelerate your development and deliver best-in-class experiences, using MongoDB Realm’s services to build modern applications.