About the Careers category

This category is for posting job openings and notices for individuals looking for work. Postings must be for work relating to MongoDB technologies. Posting is restricted to users at Trust Level 2 (Sapling) or higher. When posting to this category, you will be required to choose either a “looking-for-work” or “hiring” tag to help other users find appropriate postings.

Please follow these guidelines for posting job openings:

  • Job title
  • Salary range
  • Location
  • Job level (entry/experienced/senior/manager/exec)
  • Job description
  • Relevant MongoDB technology experience or expertise

Here are some tips for posting a “looking for work” notice:

  • Make sure your forum profile is filled out and you’ve uploaded a professional-looking photo
  • Include a link to your portfolio, info about any projects you’ve worked on, and MongoDB courses and certifications you’ve completed
  • Be specific about what you’re looking for, focusing on what’s most important to you (level, type, location, etc.)
  • Build your reputation in the community by answering questions, earning badges, attending and organizing meetups, and other activities that we’ll help you showcase in your forum profile
  • Turn on your email notifications so you don’t miss important messages from other community members

If you are looking for info on job openings within MongoDB, please refer to these resources: