About Reconfiguring a Running Replica Set

Hi everyone!

I am looking at the video “Reconfiguring a Running Replica Set”, and the arbiter.conf at the end.

There seems to be nothing indicating that this node is not supposed to receive data for replication.
It has these lines:
** dbPath: /var/mongodb/db/arbiter**
like any other node.

So I wonder what makes it an arbiter unlike other secondary nodes.

Only the rs.addArb command ?
Meaning that if we used rs.add instead it would make it a normal secondary node, without a need to touch its .conf file.

I hope someone can clarify. … Thanks!

From mongo docs:
An arbiter does not store data, but until the arbiter’s mongod process is added to the replica set, the arbiter will act like any other mongod process and start up with a set of data files and with a full-sized journal.

Also check this link


OK. That’s clearer. Thanks.