About MongoDB Study Groups

This MongoDB Certification Online Study Group is an invite-only 4-week program that brings users together to prepare for the MongoDB Certification Exam. During the 4 weeks, group members will following proven learning paths and attend weekly Zoom calls where to discuss challenges and blockers they’ve run into. Members who successfully completed the program will get a 100% discount voucher for the MongoDB Certification Exam.

Who can participate?

Anyone motivated to master the building of modern applications with MongoDB and get a certification to prove it.

Program Structure

We will review our progress, and exam materials, discuss challenging concepts, and share study strategies.

Initially, the Study Group is dedicated to the Associate Developer Exam only. The 4 weeks are broken down to study and discuss the different topics asked in the exam:

  • Week 1: MongoDB Overview and CRUD
  • Week 2: CRUD(contd.), Indexes and Data Modelling
  • Week 3: Tools & Tooling and Drivers
  • Week 4: Questions related to any other topic/discussion
  • Week 5: Take the Certification Exam

Week 4 may also include taking the practice exam and getting help registering for the exam, etc.

When and How

Each study group is a 4-week program with live, online review meetings each Friday at 7 PM IST (9:30 AM EDT) via Zoom to discuss problems, progress, and blockers. Participants are expected to ask questions and help fellow group members.


Participation in the study group is free! It is meant to complement the free, self-paced learning paths that help you prepare for the certification exam by supporting and encouraging each other. Alternatively, you might choose to take one of the paid, online public or private instructor-led courses.

Why Join the program?

  1. Get MongoDB Certified: Not only will you get help from fellow group members and MongoDB’s Community Team to prepare for the exam, but you will also get a coupon code to take the exam for free. To learn more about the MongoDB Certification and its benefits, visit the University Certification page.
  2. Collaborate and Learn with our Community: Create quality relationships with MongoDB staff and community members all over the world, and work together to learn and prepare for the exam.
  3. Uplevel Your Visibility and Skills: Gain exposure in the global developer community and get a chance to uplevel your skills.

Interested in Participating?

Submit this application if you’re interested in participating in the next study group! :sparkles:

Already Certified?

Apply to become a mentor! Mentors are community members who will not only moderate the group but also answer questions and conduct weekly Zoom calls to discuss progress blockers, feedback, etc.