# [About M220P: MongoDB for Python Developers] run.py doesn't work

When i run “run.py”, i got nothing :neutral_face:

There are threads on run.py in our forum
Please check
One thread suggests to remove all exceptions and try
Did you rename your win_ini to .ini?


yeah, I did

Course instructors or steevej-1495 or 007_jb from developer background can help you more on this

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When you enter python run.py, does it return directly to the C:\…> prompt or you had to do Ctl-C?

Did you try to do as instructed and

Now proceed to the status page to run the full suite of integration tests and get your validation code

  1. If you’re using Anaconda for Python make sure that the following 3 paths are in the PATH system environment variable:
    • …\Anaconda3
    • …\Anaconda3\Scripts
    • …\Anaconda3\Library\bin
  2. If they are, move them up the chain to increase their priority
  3. Reboot
  4. Try again… also try opening the terminal from Anaconda itself

Hi @Adnane_14931,

Let me know if you are still facing the issue.


Thanks to all of you :smile: