Able to see admin db of Atlas on my mongo shell but on on web

I have created and account on mongodb and able to port my data to atlas.
I am able to view my DB and its collections on my system using mongoshell
the metrics shows that the DB is active and operations are happening
however on the web portal when i see the Browse collections, i dont see the DB and its collections
my collections are in admin DB
what do i need to do to be able to view the admin db on atlas web portal

Show us screenshots of your shell and Atlas
How did you load data to your Cluster
Don’t use admin for your collections
Load it to your own db

Hi @Madhura_Bindu and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums! :wave:

The admin database is a system database and I’m pretty sure those are not shown in the web interface. Notice that you don’t see the local database in the web view either. These databases are meant to be used by the system only and should not have user collections put in them.

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