90% of all data vanished after upgrading the cluster

Just upgraded a MongoDB cluster and got the message:

" Your cluster upgrade failed during data migration, and in some rare cases, your cluster may be missing data. If this is the case, please contact our support staff for help with data recovery."

Checked the database and 90%+ of the data is gone. I tried contacting support but didn’t get any reply so far.

Also now, 24 hours later, “Disk Usage” is suddenly through the roof for no apparent reason. Data size (collections and indices) is still only around 2GB but “disk usage” is suddenly 16GB and growing fast.

Only thing I changed is upgrading the Cluster. Any ideas what’s going on and how to go about fixing things would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jakob_Greenfeld welcome to the community!

Sorry that your experience hasn’t been optimal.

I have referred your issue to the Atlas support team, and someone should be (or may have already be) in touch with you regarding this.

Hope it gets resolved soon!

Best regards

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