46014 or 45993!?

Hey all,

The dataset was modified a bit to clean up some errant entries, and the number of documents was reduced from 46014 to 45993.

Unfortunately, some of our changes to the test files didn’t propagate forward to the student handout. This has been corrected, and if you download the course handout again and replace the tests directory with the new handout version this should be corrected.

If you have any issues or questions and feel it may be due to this, please reply to this thread.



Hey @nathan.leniz,

Can you confirm the updated tests have been propagated forward to the student handout now?
As for me, this still seams to be the case:
Expected value to equal: 46014 Received: 45993


I’ve just downloaded the handout and looked at the new test files and they seem to be correct now. I recommend just deleting the current test directory and replacing it with one from the latest handout. If that doesn’t work I’ll provide a zip that contains the newest test handouts for you to use.

That would be lovely, thanks.
I’m using the following link to download the handouts (it’s the one found on the chapter lessons page, under the handouts section). And it seams to be the old one.

Update :
My apologize, it was on my end.
The IDEA was opened, so it cached the file content’s in memory.
Everything works as expected now. Thank you for the support!

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No worries and no need to apologize. This was our mistake with the handouts and it’s our very sincere desire to deliver everything in working order so you can focus on learning how to use the driver and not on system debugging.

Glad you got it resolved, and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions in the future. I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot :slight_smile:

I just edited the number in the test.

That works too but be careful with the edits! Most of the changes did propagate forward, it was only a subset that didn’t.