32 bit processor i386 SSL

I have Windows 10 running on my laptop with 32 bit processor. Is there a version of mongodb which I can use , which supports SSL as used in Chapter 2.


Hey @vinuknr123

From the docs


Platform Support

MongoDB requires x86-64 architecture and supports the following:

  • Windows 7/Server 2008 R2
  • Windows 8/2012 R2 and later

See Supported Platforms for more information.

So I do not think there is a version for 32 bit.

32 bit versions are there… but those doesn’t support SSL.


Umm I do not think that is an Official MongoDB website…So I would be careful downloading anything from there. Plus if you look at the versions it is for <= 3.2.x

While mongoDB just came out with v4.2

Hi @vinuknr123,

As mentioned by @natac13, MongoDB Server is not supported by 32 bit system.

Please switch to 64 bit system and then you can follow the steps mentioned in the following doc to download MongoDB Enterprise server:

Note: Enterprise editions of MongoDB Mongo Shell have SSL enabled, since version 3.6.5. So, if you are downloading MongoDB 3.6.5 version or above, the SSL support is already available.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


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