1/3 paging unit test fails

My paging unit tests pass for ‘cast’ and ‘genres’ filters but fails for the ‘text’ filter.
Even the text filter unit test only fails on the last assertion.

I thought this can only happen if the sorting is incorrect and only for the text filter. Because the previous 2 tests passed. But the sorting was already implemented…

I am skipping the appropriate number of items and limiting to the number of movies per page.
How could the first 2 tests run, and also checks on the initial part of the returned cursor but just not for the last page?
Has the db been updated with different different data?


I also faced the same issue. The assertions for number of results returned, skipping & limiting the required number of movies, have passed. The one that fails is to do with sorting, which is pre-implemented. Did anyone figure out why this fails? Below is the Unit Test Fail trace at the console.

def test_supports_paging_by_text(client):
    filter = {'text': 'bank robbery'}
    (movies0, results0) = get_movies(filter, 0, 20)
    assert len(list(movies0)) == 20
    assert results0 == 475
    assert movies0[0].get('title') == 'The Bank'
    last_page = int(475 / 20)
    (movies2, results2) = get_movies(filter, last_page, 20)
    assert len(list(movies2)) == 15
  assert movies2[0].get('title') == "Ugetsu"

E AssertionError: assert ‘Skippy’ == ‘Ugetsu’
E - Skippy
E + Ugetsu

Hi @Prakash_Janjanam

Have you applied the solutions in Ticket: Paging - AssertionError - #10 by Wellington_Zenon?

If these don’t work, rather than post in an old thread can you please create a new thread so we can more easily help with your particular issue which may not be the same as that covered in an older thread.

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