0-line doesnt show on chart

Hello forum,

I noticed something on MongoDB charts.

Only objects with comments are visible, in this case only one.
I expect there to be other lines that flat-line at zero. Is this possible? And how?

Thanks in advance,
Greets Wilbert

Hi @Wilbert_Gotink -

Sorry, without knowing anything about your data, I don’t understand what result you are looking for. If you have a field encoded in the Series channel it will result in a line per series, but it can only plot a line if there are documents in the database that use that field.


Hi Tom,

We want to plot a zero line even if there are no documents in that collection. The field we put in the series channel has a lot of documents, see this example about the collection ‘posts’.


I still don’t know what your data or chart definition look like, but if only one series is showing then it means no documents exist for any other series (for the specific fields/filters chosen on that chart).

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