Transforming Customer Experience With Mongodb Atlas Search

Full-text search is essential for modern applications, but building it is hard. Developers either try to:

  1. Contort their database to handle search queries, quickly running up against feature limitations and performance overhead.
  2. Bolting on specialized search engines to their database, dramatically increasing the complexity of their application infrastructure.
MongoDB Atlas Search gives you a much better way. It combines the power of Apache Lucene — the same technology underpinning the world’s most popular search engines — with the developer productivity, scale, and resilience of the MongoDB Atlas database. A couple of API calls or clicks in the Atlas UI and you instantly expose your data to sophisticated, relevance-based search experiences that boost engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about challenges of implementing search today and how that’s transformed with Atlas Search. We’ll discuss the ideal use cases for Atlas Search, along with those requirements where you may be better served considering alternative approaches. We’ll wrap up with how you can get started with Atlas Search today.

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