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Take Your Data From Fragmentation to Verification with MongoDB Atlas’ Single View

In today's digital economy, data is critical to every organization. To thrive, organizations must derive key strategic insights from data in order to inform decision-making, adapt to change, respond to breaking events in real time, and more.

However, because companies are broken down into smaller departments and teams, data collection and management generally is not centralized — and it might not even be standardized. Various teams tend to use different platforms and procedures to collate, search, sort, and analyze data.

Needless to say, navigating this hodgepodge of systems can be confusing. As a result, organizations need a single view into all their data.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • The four challenges to customer identification
  • How one company implemented single view to fulfill two key requirements: scalability and security
  • How to verify and deploy customer data with single-linkage via Stitch, a widely-used, extract-transform-load (ETL) tool
  • Why use serverless for single view
  • And more!

Download the ebook.

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