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Simplifying Content Discovery

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Building Competitive Edge with Search and Real-time Recommendations

Media & Entertainment companies spend billions every year to create and distribute content through their respective platforms. Users have a myriad of options at their fingertips, so keeping them engaged is the ultimate challenge to driving business results. The key to increase engagement is making relevant content discoverable through personalized recommendations and an excellent search experience. Both processes (recommendation and search) are the building blocks of Content Discovery.

Making content discoverable for users might look straightforward at first, but its effective implementation at scale is a far cry from easy. People have come to expect ultra-personalized, multi-device consistent experiences, any time, anywhere.

In this paper, we will cover how MongoDB helps Media & Entertainment companies make content more discoverable by unifying real-time recommendations and best-in-class search capabilities - powered by the market-leading search engine Apache Lucene - under a single Application Data Platform.

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