MongoDB Stitch facilitates configuration of governance controls

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MongoDB Stitch, a backend as a service, provides full access to MongoDB, declarative read/write controls, and integration with your choice of services. It also provides fine-grained data access controls, as Ovum Senior Analyst Paige Bartley writes in this research note.

Different users of an application should have different privileges. For example, in a healthcare application, a patient might have read access to their own data only, a doctor has read/write access to all their patients’ data, while a billing coordinator has read/write access only to billing data of all patients (with no access to medical information). MongoDB Stitch allows developers to define roles and specify field-level data access controls to ensure that every user has only the access that they require.

Read the research note to learn more about how “MongoDB Stitch can help implement robust data privacy protections without sacrificing the business's commitment to agile development.”

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