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Lift-and-Shift vs. Transformation: A MongoDB Perspective

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When moving to the cloud, you face a critical decision on how to best migrate your applications. There are two potential approaches available to you:

  1. Lift-and-Shift: move your existing applications to run in the cloud on the same architecture and technologies you used on-premises.
  2. Transformation: rearchitecting your applications to take advantage of new cloud-native capabilities such as elasticity, redundancy, global distribution, managed services, built-in monitoring and logging, and more.

There are best practices that can help prioritize your efforts and mobilize your teams. By working with over 20,000 customers, including more than 50% of the Fortune 100, we have built evaluation frameworks that can be used to navigate the right path for your business. Read this whitepaper to better understand these two approaches and the challenges and opportunities you may face as you continue your modernization journey.

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