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How Financial Services Eliminate Cloud Concentration Risk

Regardless of their size and business mix, most financial institutions have come to understand how cloud and multi-cloud computing services can benefit them.

As the industry continues to embrace cloud services, regulators are becoming more aware of the challenges associated with cloud computing, especially those that could expose financial institutions to systemic risks potentially undermining the stability of the financial system. Regulators are increasingly focused on cloud concentration risk, or the potential peril created when so much of the technology underpinning global financial services relies on so few large cloud services providers. An outage or cyberattack, they worry, could derail the global financial system.

This ebook will tackle cloud concentration risk for financial services firms, examining how that risk came to be and how multi-cloud can be used to navigate this risk and prepare for future regulations.

  • Part 1

    : What is cloud concentration risk for financial services?

  • Part 2

    : Why financial services are evolving from hybrid to multi-cloud

  • Part 3

    : Solve cloud concentration risk with cross-cloud redundancy

  • Part 4

    : The limits of a single-vendor public cloud solution

  • Part 5

    : Commercial and technical benefits of multi-cloud for financial services

Read the ebook below.

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