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Event-Driven Architecture

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The world moves in real time, and the demands on individuals, groups, and organizations are constantly changing. This may seem obvious – but many enterprises are still trying to meet their data needs in ways that don’t match this new reality. To keep up with the pace of business, companies must become agile organizations fueled by applications that access, analyze, and distribute data in real time.

Those applications must run on a data fabric that offers the elasticity to scale up and down as needed, efficiently and cost-effectively empowering people with the insights they need to do their jobs better and thus help their companies compete.

A traditional request-driven data architecture is an anti-pattern to this new imperative. Request-driven architectures, true to their name, require applications and services to make requests and wait until the requested information becomes available.

By contrast, an event-driven architecture proactively makes a stream of data from source systems available in real time. Consuming applications and services subscribe to topics of interest and consume the data at their own pace. To put it another way, request-driven architectures are system-focused, while event-driven architectures are user-focused, providing timely, contextual insights.

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  • Explore how the state of the art has quickly evolved from "big data" to fast data — and the implications at an architectural level
  • Understand requirements, components, and capabilities of event-driven architecture
  • Learn how MongoDB is core to unleashing the power of real time across the organization
  • Review specific use cases and customer proof points presenting companies that are evolving and thriving as a result of working with MongoDB to deploy this innovation- and agility-enhancing architecture

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