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DIRT and the High Cost of Complexity: How Data Architecture Becomes a Tax on Innovation

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As the data requirements for applications become increasingly sophisticated, organizations often find that their data architecture, and in particular their relational databases, can’t keep up. In response, developers cobble together niche databases, with cumbersome pipelines to move data between them. Or, organizations move some of their applications and data to the cloud, grabbing a bunch of off-the-shelf software that doesn’t work or play well together.

Either way, you’re paying DIRT: The data and innovation recurring tax. That’s when your team is stuck supporting a sprawling, creaky architecture when they could be working on new features that the business needs and customers will love.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • How organizations accumulate DIRT
  • The essential requirements for a modern data architecture
  • How an application data platform can help boost innovation
  • How to start eliminating your organization’s DIRT, and help your developers become more productive

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