The Best MongoDB Experience

Triggers for Real-Time

Global Clusters for Low-Latency

MongoDB Atlas Live Migration Service

The MongoDB Atlas Live Migration Service helps you migrate MongoDB databases to our fully automated database as a service, MongoDB Atlas, quickly and securely. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to your application. The Live Migration Service can migrate your data from your existing environment on AWS, Azure and GCP or your own data center, as well as third-party database-as-a-service providers, such as mLab, Compose, and ObjectRocket. Hundreds of customers have already migrated to MongoDB Atlas to take advantage of the best MongoDB experience.

How It Works

The Live Migration Service is a free service that we host and operate to make it simple to migrate your database to MongoDB Atlas. This service works by making an initial copy of the data from your source database, and watching for any changes so that it stays in sync until you are ready to cut over. During this process, your application can continue to read and write from your source database. When you are ready, change the connection string in your application from your source database to your Atlas cluster, and the migration is complete.

Why change what’s already working?

The Best MongoDB Experience

MongoDB Atlas takes the incredibly satisfying experience you had the first time you downloaded MongoDB on your laptop, and brings it to the cloud. Deploy MongoDB to a pre-configured, production-ready cluster on AWS, Azure or GCP with a few clicks. Load your data. Then as needed, scale your cluster size up or down, turn on backup, add indexes, or make any other change in a fraction of the time it would take to make by hand.

Triggers for Real-Time

Launch triggers in response to changes in the database. These triggers are implemented as functions, meaning they don’t consume database resources and can not only make further database changes, but can also push data to other destinations or even to users – through push notifications, text messages, or emails.

Global Clusters for Low-Latency

At the click of a button, optimize your application experience by placing the most relevant data near local application servers and end users, ensuring low-latency reads and writes anywhere. Choose from 50+ regions supported globally, and MongoDB Atlas will deploy to those regions and implement sophisticated policies to put data near end users based on their location.

Performance Advisor

Ensure high performance with the Performance Advisor, which monitors your cluster for slow queries and automatically suggests indexes to improve performance. Performance Advisor is always enabled and incurs no performance overhead.

Stability & Security

Clusters are pre-configured according to MongoDB best practices to provide a stable and secure environment. Each cluster is automatically deployed with 3 replicas across multiple availability zones. Authentication and encryption are enabled by default. You can further configure and tune the cluster to meet your requirements and SLAs.

Automated & Fully Managed

MongoDB Atlas takes the administrative tasks of managing MongoDB – like provisioning VMs, taking backups, patching and coordinating rolling upgrades – and makes them available via a GUI or API call. These tasks are automated and implemented based on MongoDB best practices, allowing you to focus on your code instead of ops.

How do I migrate?

Deploy your new cluster
Live migrate the data
Cutover in seconds when ready

Step-by-Step Guides for Migrating Your Database to MongoDB Atlas Using the Live Migration Service

Below are step-by-step guides to walk you through the process of migrating your data to MongoDB Atlas with minimal downtime from any source environment.