MongoDB Atlas. Because you’ve got code to write.

Sure, you could run your own database, but why would you want to? Take a load off your shoulders.

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Offload operations

You need a reliable, high-performance, secure place to store and access your data–you don’t need another complex system to maintain, manage, and scale-out. MongoDB Atlas is built from the ground up as a fully automated database-as-a-service, so you can spend your cycles elsewhere.

Accelerate performance

Atlas’s built-in Performance Advisor automatically analyzes your frequently used queries and alerts you to collections with suboptimal performance. Scan the relevant metrics, and just click a button to create a recommended index. Painless, and powerful.

Sleep soundly

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about security and regulatory compliance, so you don’t have to. Atlas provides tools to monitor activity by user and even lets you bring your own encryption keys. At rest or in motion - your data is secure.
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