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MongoDB Atlas provides all of the features that have made MongoDB the leading NoSQL database, including data model flexibility, elastic scalability, and high availability, without the operational heavy lifting.

Database On Your Terms

MongoDB Atlas is available on demand through a pay-as-you-go model and billed on an hourly basis, letting you focus on what you do best. Program against MongoDB using our idiomatic drivers, which make building with the database feel like a natural extension of the work you do everyday.

Flexible Data Model

With MongoDB, you’re not slowed down by a rigid relational schema or a complicated ORM layer. Our document data model can map directly to how you program your app, and native database features like secondary indexes, geospatial and text search give you full access to your data.

Consistent, Fast Performance

MongoDB Atlas provides you with the performance you need for your most demanding workloads. When your data grows or your application performance demands increase, the service allows you to scale out your deployment with an automated sharding process that ensures zero application downtime.

Leave the Ops to Us

With MongoDB Atlas, operational tasks such as setup, ensuring high availability, backups, and failure recovery are automated for you. Monitoring and customizable alerts are included in the platform for your ops teams. And when your data grows, MongoDB Atlas lets you scale up or out with just a few clicks.

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