MongoDB Atlas vs mLab

Using or considering mLab? Get the facts.

  • Built and run by the engineers who build the database
  • Immediate access to the latest MongoDB releases
  • TLS/SSL encryption is offered as standard, at no additional cost
  • Continuous backups with point-in-time recovery and queryable snapshots


  • Run by a 3rd party provider
  • Access to latest releases is typically months behind
  • TLS/SSL is available with additional charges
  • Maximum of 8 backup snapshots stored

Trust MongoDB Atlas with your production deployment
and get 3 months free.

Make the switch to the only MongoDB service built and run by the team that engineers the database. For a limited time, we’ll give you 3 months free when you migrate your existing workload to MongoDB Atlas.

Here’s how you qualify:

  • Create a new MongoDB Atlas account using the form on this page, your work email address, and a credit card.

  • A MongoDB expert will then reach out to you via email to schedule a free assessment of your migration.

  • Migrate your MongoDB deployment from a 3rd party MongoDB service provider to a production-grade Atlas instance (M30 and above) for at least 3 months.

  • After 3 months, we'll apply another 3 months of credit to your account (or give you a discount on an annual contract).

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We started evaluating MongoDB Atlas and we were satisfied with easy management and possibility to scale our clusters with a click of a button, flexibility on storage, and securing our data with on-rest encryption.

We were quite active on support channels as our migration required some special permissions that were not available in Atlas at the time. Support was helpful, and we like that the Atlas team listened to us and made the necessary product changes.

– Sašo Matejina, DevOps Lead at Checkr

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Comparing MongoDB Atlas Offerings

MongoDB Atlas is delivered by the same team that builds MongoDB. But it’s not the only MongoDB service available to you. The chart below shows how the different options stack up.

OverviewMongoDB AtlasmLab
Live migrationYesNo
Choice of instance configurationYes
CPU & memory can be configured independently of storage & disk I/O
Different instance sizes can be chosen, but CPU, memory, storage & I/O are fixed for each instance size
Immediate access to latest MongoDB versionYesNo
Replica Set ConfigurationUp to 7 replicas2 data bearing nodes and an arbiter is standard
Automatic Sharding SupportYesDependent on cloud platform Not available on Azure
Disaster RecoveryMongoDB AtlasmLab
Continuous backupYesNo
Queryable backupsYesNo
Automated & consistent snapshots of sharded clustersYesNo
Security ControlsMongoDB AtlasmLab
AWS VPC PeeringYesYes
Additional Charge
Encryption of data in-flightYes
TLS/SSL as standard
Additional Charge
Encryption of data at-restYes
Optionally configure with encrypted storage volumes
Dependent on selected plan
Support & ServicesMongoDB AtlasmLab
Database support delivered directly by MongoDB engineersYes
Available with an optional pre-pay support contract
Support provided by mLab engineers
Consulting services available for project lifecycleYes
MongoDB Consulting Services
Pricing granularityPer HourPer Day

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