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Automated database lifecycle

Automate infrastructure provisioning, setup, deployment, and patching so your teams can get the database resources they need, when they need them.

Always on and durable

Guarantee high availability with self-healing clusters, easy multi-region deployment, and continuous backups with point-in-time data recovery.

Highly scalable for global apps

Scale compute, memory, and storage resources with only a few mouse clicks or an API call—even across regions!

Secure from the start

Secure your deployment with built-in security controls like IP whitelisting or VPC Peering, always-on authentication, encryption, and sophisticated role-based access management.

Easy performance optimization

Get deep visibility into your cluster using optimized charts tracking dozens of key metrics. Easily customize and send alerts, see what’s happening in your cluster in real-time, and take advantage of automatically generated suggestions on how to improve query performance.

Live migrate your data

Moving your existing MongoDB deployment to Atlas has never been simpler with our live migration utility.

"After a period of operating MongoDB ourselves on EC2, it’s great not having to worry about the details and not having to spend time setting up, configuring, and managing database[s]. You free up a lot of opportunities to add value to your service by not running things yourself."

  - Benedikt Stemmildt, Lead Software Architect of E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MongoDB Atlas?

MongoDB Atlas is a database as a service created by the experts who design and engineer MongoDB. It provides all of the features of MongoDB, while removing most of the operational overhead. With MongoDB Atlas you can deliver your applications quickly, and focus on what matters most to you and your customers.

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Why should I care?

Launching an application on any database typically requires careful planning to ensure performance, high availability, security, and disaster recovery. For as long as you run your application, you have ongoing obligations that require deep expertise to continue to meet your operational goals. With MongoDB Atlas, most of this overhead goes away; your operations are handled by an automated service designed by the world’s leading MongoDB experts.

What scale does MongoDB Atlas support?

MongoDB is one of the most scalable databases on the planet, and MongoDB Atlas brings you that same scalability, but with us managing it for you:

  • You can scale up or down on larger instance types with no application downtime
  • You can scale out across multiple instances with no application downtime using MongoDB’s native sharding capabilities
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