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Fully Managed Database Service

MongoDB Atlas takes care of time-consuming and costly administration tasks so you can get the database resources you need, when you need them.

Automated Deployments

Infrastructure provisioning, setup, and deployment is fully automated with MongoDB Atlas. Select a cloud provider, region, instance size, memory, and additional configurations in the Cluster Builder or via the API and be on your way.

Simple Configuration Changes

When requirements and workloads change, MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to make post-deployment modifications to the database. Scale up, add more storage, configure cross-region clusters, create read-only or analytics nodes, and more with the click of a button.

Continuous Improvements

Patches and minor version upgrades are applied automatically so you can take advantage of the latest updates and features. For major version upgrades, you choose when you want them to happen. Atlas makes it easy to spin up environments to test compatibility or try out new features.

High Availability

Each self-healing Atlas cluster is distributed by design across the availability zones within your cloud region.

Built-in Security

MongoDB Atlas comes with preconfigured security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, and more.

Automated Backups

MongoDB Atlas offers fully managed backup options, including incremental data recovery and cloud provider snapshots.

Live Migration Service

Already running MongoDB somewhere else? Take the pain out of migrating databases with our embedded Live Migration Service.

After you deploy a new cluster in MongoDB Atlas, the Live Migration Service makes a copy of the data from your source database. Your application can continue to read and write from the source database, with any changes syncing to the new cluster until you’re ready to cut over. To complete the migration, change the connection string in your application from your source database to your Atlas cluster.

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