10gen and Microsoft Partner to Deliver NoSQL in the Cloud

Aug 14, 2012

We at 10gen are excited about our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft. We are actively leveraging new features in Windows Azure to ensure our common customers using MongoDB on Windows Azure have access to the latest features and the best possible experience.

In early June, Microsoft announced the preview version of Windows Azure VM, which enables customers to deploy and run Windows and Linux...

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Early Bird for MongoDB Seattle Ends Tuesday, August 14

Aug 13, 2012

Early bird ticket prices for MongoDB Seattle ends Tuesday August 14.

10gen will be hosting the 4th annual MongoDB Seattle on September 14 at the Bell Harbor International Conference center in Seattle, Washington.

This year’s conference brings four tracks full of new talk sessions, Ask the Expert sessions and workshops on MongoDB Operations and Schema Design the day before the conference.


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10gen, Community Represent MongoDB at OSCON 2012

Aug 5, 2012

10gen sponsored OSCON, O’Reilly's annual open source convention in Portland, OR for the third consecutive year - July 16-20. Green shirts and MongoDB mugs were in high demand, while Chief Solutions Architect Steve Francia and Director of Community Marketing Meghan Gill presented, and conducted Q&As, to packed rooms of developers and open source enthusiasts. We were really excited to be...

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On Data Structures in MongoDB; a Guest Post by MongoLab

Aug 3, 2012

“Show me your code and conceal your data structures, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your data structures, and I won’t usually need your code; it’ll be obvious.” - Eric Raymond, in The Cathedral and the Bazaar, 1997

Linguistic innovation

The fundamental task of programming is telling a computer how to do something. Because of this, much of the innovation in the field of software...

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MongoDB at ShowClix

Aug 1, 2012

We recently spoke with Nate Good, Director of Software Engineering at ShowClix, about ShowClix's technology stack and use of MongoDB.


ShowClix was founded in 2007 as a live event search engine and has evolved into the full-service event ticketing system. Millions of tickets, three offices and two cereal walls later, ShowClix is the preferred ticketing solution for...

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Building Big Data Portal through Liferay and MongoDB integration

Jul 27, 2012

This was originally posted to the CIGINEX Blog

The CIGNEX Datamatics Big Data Portal is a web based solution which combines the powerful presentation capabilities of a portal such as rich user interfaces, collaboration, and secures access, with centralized & massively scalable data storage as the back end, consisting of a variety of content (Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Metadata) in...

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Using MongoDB with OpenShift

Jul 26, 2012

This is a guest post by Jimmy Gurerro at OpenShift

If you’ve attended any of the MongoDB conferences that 10Gen has put on in the last few months, you hopefully got a chance to check out two fun OpenShift talks: Grant Shipley’s “Mobilize MongoDB! - Developing iPhone and Android Apps using Appcelerator and OpenShift” and Steve Citron-Pousty’s “Get Your Spatial On with MongoDB in the Cloud.”


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This Week in MongoDB: July 23-29

Jul 23, 2012

News! MongoDB 2.2.0 rc 0 is out and ready for testing. This is the first release candidate in the 2.2 series. This release is not for production use so download and try it on your data set.

Vote for MongoDB as the best NoSQL Innovator in the Dataweek Awards

MongoDB was nominated as a NoSQL innovator in the Dataweek Awards.


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Fluentd + MongoDB: The Easiest Way to Log Your Data Effectively.

Jul 20, 2012

Log everything! But how?

All of you must know by now how valuable your data is to your product and business: KPI calculation, funnel analysis, A/B testing, cohort analysis, cluster analysis, logictic regressionÃâ‚Â_none of this is possible without a lot of data, and the most obvious way to get more data is logging.

But how? As we started talking to our customers at Treasure Data, we realized that...

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